Which Mac Laptop Should You Get?

Buying a computer, for anybody, is an important purchase. Especially when you buy a Mac Laptop (vs. PC), you are making an investment. With better quality parts and perfectly married software and hardware, Mac laptops generally last longer than other computers. We’ve broken down our top three Mac laptops and their best uses to help make your decision an easier one.
ME - MacBookOriginal MacBook: The original “white” MacBook (circa 2010) is a great choice for a “first Mac.” An original MacBook runs your basic, essential apps such as your internet browser, word programs, and apple apps. They have a very durable polycarbonate casing which can be good for younger users. At Mac Enthusiasts, the original MacBook is very fairly priced, and great for a sweet gift.
ME- MacBook AirMacBook Air: The MacBook air is a really great, lightweight Mac computer, for those looking for light to moderate usage. They easily run internet apps and light photo-editing programs. They have a great 4th generation processor for quick performance and with less power usage. It’s perfect for those who like to travel because they are very slim and easy to carry.
MacBook Air also features an HD Graphics 5000 processor.. In addition, they come with one Thunderbolt port (which you can learn more about in our previous blog on Thunderbolt) and two USB ports, to accommodate all of your devices.
ME - MacBook ProMacBook Pro: For those very serious Mac users, the Mac Pro is the ultimate Mac computer. It’s great for serious photo and video editing. It’s great for those who aim to make a living with their Mac. It is also a great model for collegiates, since it has very flexible usage and is highly upgradable.
MacBook Pros are lightning-fast because they feature a i7 Quad-Core Processor. They also possess a high-speed Thunderbolt port, and two USB 3.0 ports. As we’ve mentioned in our previous blog about USB 3.0, it is 10x faster than USB 2.0, which makes it even easier to use.
All of Mac Enthusiasts’ used Mac laptops are meticulously cared for by our Mac experts. Every Mac you get from Mac Enthusiasts comes with a 90-day warranty and opportunity to extend that by one or two years.
You can check out all of our individual selections for pre-loved Macs at our Webstore or on location at Mac Enthusiasts 10600 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, 90064. If you have any more questions for us, feel free to call us (800)448-1892 or ask us online here.

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