Using A Multi-Button Mouse with Your Mac Computer

By February 29, 2016How To

It’s a common myth that Apple does not support mice with double-click function. The surprising part of that is that Apple has been supporting the multi-button function for mice since 2008. This has been drawn out by the fact that Apple’s default setting makes any mouse function with a single-button usage. We’re going to explain how to take your Magic Mouse, Mighty Mouse, or generic mouse and turn it into a multi-button functioning mouse. If your mouse comes with OS X drivers, you’ll want to follow those instructions to enable Apple features.
ME Magic Mouse
Magic Mouse
The Magic Mouse can be adapted for a second click with an extremely simple process. Begin by going to Apple Menu> System Preferences> Mouse. From here, you’ll want to open the “Point & Click” tab and select the checkbox next to “Secondary Click” (“What? That’s always been there?” Yes). From here, you can click drop down a menu that lets you select which side will be the secondary click.

ME - Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse
Start by opening Apple Menu> System Preferences> Mouse (& Keyboard). If necessary, in the preference pane, select mouse. There will be a picture representing your Mighty Mouse. Each button on your mouse has a drop down menu. One can be designated as the “Primary Click” and one as “Secondary Click.” As we said before, it is default for both of them to be assigned as “Primary Click.”
Generic Mouse
A generic mouse can be setup for multi-button function very similarly to the others. Start by opening Apple Menu> System Preferences> Mouse (& Keyboard)> Mouse (If Necessary). You will see an option to make either the right or left button the “Primary Click.” Whichever side is not selected will be assigned as the “Secondary Click.”

No Mouse or Single-Button Mouse
If you hadn’t already figured out, you can use the “Secondary Click” function by holding down the Ctrl button when using your “Primary Click.”
Viola! You have a fully-functioning mouse. If you’re interested and in the market for a new mouse, check out our Mac accessories. Any questions? Feel free to come into our store, call us at (800)448-1892, or submit them online here.

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