Tricks for Making Your Mac Laptop/ Computer Last Longer

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Mac lovers buy Mac because they’re dynamic, sleek, and because their life expectancy is usually more than any other brand of computer. Most Mac users also know that for that reason and its price, buying Mac is really an investment. If you’re investing in your Mac, you want it to last as long as possible. Although Macs typically have a long lifespan, there are things you can do to help expand that life even longer.
Two of the things most likely to happen to your Mac (besides accidental physical damage) is running out of battery and having your hard drive crash. In our “How to Clean Up a Mac” post, we explained some ways that can help keep your Mac running fast, including cleaning up your hard drive. It also explains how to check the status of your battery. In addition to that, here are some ways you can keep your computer running for its longest capacity.

Do not overcharge your computer: Apple suggests charging your battery for two hours before unplugging. If you see your battery is fully charged, unplug it. Your battery’s overall life depends on how many cycles it goes through. For that reason, it is important that you pay attention to how much you are charging your battery.

Use the energy-saver pane: Use spotlight to find the “Energy Saver” program. From there, you can select different power-saving options in battery mode, or while plugged in to save more energy. These energy-saving options will also take a load off of your battery to help it work for you longer.
Keep Your Mac Laptop Running Longer

Pay attention to your CD/DVD drive: If your Mac still has a CD/DVD drive, make sure there is nothing in it, when you are not using it. Many of us may forget to eject a movie or CD when we are finished and unfortunately, our Mac will continue to spin it while it is inside the drive. This, of course, puts more work on your Mac and its battery unnecessarily. You can also upgrade to an SSD drive, or solid state drive. This type of drive will not only help your Mac battery last longer, but will also keeps the mac cooler, and works notably faster. These spinning disk hard drives are usually the weakest physical part of a Mac and replacing it every 3 years can help keep your entire Mac computer working its best for the longest time possible.

Keep your software up-to-date: This may not seem like it would have an impact on your computer’s battery, but it does. Running software updates may seem like a drag, as they can take a bit of time away from using your computer, they are helpful for keeping your computer running in tip-top shape. While your software is updated, your computer also de-frags.This will eliminate extra work done by your hard drive to streamline its performance, making your computer and battery work more efficiently for longer.
Keep Your Mac Computer Running Longer

Use a surge protector: Although many in our area live in Los Angeles, a place where lightning is rarer than in most states, there are still risks of power surges. With our AC’s, fridges, and so on working harder to keep our lives cool, there is a likelihood of them kicking power spikes down the line to your other electronics, including your Mac computer. Surge protectors are typically pretty inexpensive and are worth the investment in case something beyond your control does happen.

Upgrade your RAM/ hard drive: If your Mac computer is running on the minimum RAM and hard drive it came with, there’s a chance your computer may be struggling to keep up with all of the programs and such you are running on it. If you don’t have enough memory (RAM), your Mac’s hard drive will also function as RAM, so upgrading your memory can be a great way to help your computer work easily at capacity over all, without putting excessive wear-and-tear on your Mac computer.

For help with any of these tips and upgrades, bring your Mac computer into Mac Enthusiasts, call (800)448-1892 with any questions you may have, or contact us online here. We hope to help you get the most out of your Mac computer, and if you’re in the market for a Mac, check out our line of reliable, refurbished mac computers.

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