How to Sync iPhone to iPad and Your Mac Computer

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Many of us are mobile beings, using technology from anywhere in world. For that reason, an iPad has become a very popular choice for Mac users on the go. Unfortunately, sometimes we can be so on the go that we even leave our iPad at home. If you’re used to doing a bulk of your digital media consumption on your iPhone, you’re not alone. Often that can mean downloading movies, music, and e-books to the smaller of your devices. Well, once you’re ready to watch that movie or read that book, you’re probably going to wish that you had a way to open it on your iPad instead. The best way to easily sync an iPhone to iPad, or vice versa, is to set up iCloud account.

Before you set up an iCloud account, you want to make sure your device(s) meet the Apple system requirements.  When you first turn on an Apple device, you are given an opportunity to create and set up a new iCloud account. If you skipped this step before, you’ll want to go into “Settings”, tap “iCloud” and either enter an Apple ID you have there or tap “Create a free Apple ID” to create an Apple ID with iCloud.

Create Apple ID/ New iCloud email

Once you’ve setup your Apple ID, you will want to turn on “enable automatic downloads” to sync your music, books, etc. across all devices. Under “Settings” you will go to “iTunes & App Store.” From there you can turn on syncing for each individual type of media. Make sure to turn on iCloud on every device with the same Apple ID and sync downloads.

Automatic Downloads Sync iPhone to iPad

If, instead, you’re looking to physically sync your device(s) to a Mac Computer, you will use sync in your iTunes. Syncing works best when you have the latest version of iTunes and an up to date iOS. iTunes will also determine if the software is up to date on all of your devices. Open iTunes and connect your desired device with the USB cable included. Find your device by clicking “Library” in iTunes Store and find your device in the upper-right-hand corner. Under the “Summary” tab, you will see a list of options to check or uncheck. Make sure to check, ““Sync with this [device] over Wi-Fi.”

To sync the device formally you want to make sure the device is charging and is on the same Wi-Fi network as the computer. At this point you can select the device and configure syncing to choose what type of files sync and so on.

If you have any problem setting up iCloud or syncing, feel free to bring it into Mac Enthusiasts for help. If you’d rather shoot us a question online, you can contact us here. You can also give us a call at (800)448-1892.

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