Apple Wired Mouse

Apple Wired Mouse


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Product Description

  • Innovative Scroll Ball and button
  • Perfectly positioned to roll smoothly under just one finger, the Apple Mouse’s Scroll Ball offers full 360-degree scrolling capability up/down, left/right and diagonally. You can scroll long web pages, pan full-size images, maneuver around large spreadsheets, control a video timeline and more. And you can even click the Scroll Ball to access your favorite Mac OS X features such as Dashboard, Spotlight or Exposé.
  • Touch-sensitive top shell
  • It looks and feels like a sleek one-button mouse, but the Apple Mouse’s smooth top shell hides a powerful secret: touch-sensitive technology under the shell detects which part of the mouse you’re clicking, so you can both left-click and right-click. And if you prefer the simplicity of a classic one-button mouse, the Apple Mouse is up to the task. Just use the Mac OS X system preference pane to configure it how you want.
  • Force-sensing side buttons
  • When you give the Apple Mouse a squeeze, force-sensing side buttons can be configured to activate Mac OS X features such as Dashboard, Expos_ or a whole host of other customizable features.
  • Customizable
  • If you have Mac OS X, the Apple Mouse can give you fingertip access to the special features you love. Simply use the system preference panel to configure the Apple Mouse in the way that makes you most powerful. Control the Scroll Ball’s tracking and click functions, as well as the right, left and side click functions. And you even can set up different mouse profiles for every user account on your Mac.
  • Optical Tracking
  • Powered by a precision optical sensor, the Apple Mouse provides responsive and accurate cursor movement on almost any type of surface. No mouse pad required.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 6 x 3 in


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