It’s a debate that techies everywhere get very vocal about. Here at Mac Enthusiasts, we’re ready to join the debate of Mac vs PC, and I think you know what side we’re on. If you’ve somehow landed on our article and you’re somewhere in-between the choice of which kind of computer to buy next: PC or Mac, we’re here to help you make the right decision. Below are the best reasons to choose Mac over PC.

  • Better security: If you’ve been a part of this debate before, then you’re probably familiar with the concept of better security with a Mac. Although this has changed some as Apple has gained more press and a larger following, viruses are overwhelmingly more often still made to target Windows-based computers. Although it takes a user to contract a virus, it is still becoming increasingly easy to accidentally do so. Whether you use Windows or Mac, you should be careful, but MacOS users tend to have a lot less to worry about still to this day.
  • Pre-loaded software: No matter which system you use, you’re making an investment. Opening up a new machine, ready to work, many PC buyers will be disappointed. Most PC’s come as-is with very little pre-loaded software typically needed by users. Macs, on the other hand, come pre-loaded with iWork programs like numbers and pages, and iLife programs, with Garageband and iMovie. Even if you don’t need all of these programs for your own use, it’s hard not to see the value in gaining these with your system for no extra charge.
  • Consistency: If you try to think of all of the flubs that have come from different PC-based companies in the past (i.e. Dell, HP, Microsoft,) there are so many highs and lows, it’ll make your head spin. While Apple has never been perfect, their reputation of high performance over the years proceeds them. Buying the latest products from Apple is far less of a gamble than it can be from any of the many various PC makers and Microsoft.
  • Longevity: Yes, you’re probably going to pay more for a Mac computer, but it’s not a secret the Macs tend to last longer than PCs. Why is that? Apple is control of every part of the Mac making process. They can more meticulously marry the hardware they so carefully created with software that was designed to work with it, creating a more continuous experience for Mac users. Apple often also spends more on parts that last longer that they build themselves (i.e. their aluminum casing). PC parts are typically built by many different companies and, when put together, sometimes equal trouble.
  • Great trade-in value: Some people may scoff at the above, citing that with technology so quickly changing and upgrading, having a computer that lasts longer may not be a decision-making factor anymore. Although we may jump to replace our gadgets as new technology updates, we still have an opportunity to receive cash for the items we no longer want. When a PC is used, there’s far much less value to them than there is usually left in used Macs. If you’re someone who is looking to find the value of your used Mac in particular, fill out this form to get a quote from Mac Enthusiasts.
  • They are compatible with MacOS and Windows: Even if you’ve read so far and are stuck on PC because you’re a die-hard Microsoft fan, you can still get the reliability of Mac while also running Windows. In this way, you have more choice with a Mac computer.

  • Higher consumer ratings: Apple has time and time again been rated number one by consumer reports for product reliability. If that weren’t enough, they are also constantly rated number one for tech support post-purchase. That’s not to mention that their customer support center is based in the United States unlike many of their lesser-ranked competitors.

If you’ve decided you’re in and you’re just looking to find the best deal on a used Mac computer, check out our fleet of the best refurbished Mac computers here. Have any more questions on why you should choose Mac over PC? Come into our store, call us at (800)448-1892, or submit your questions online here.

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