Rent Mac Computers for Your Business

Let’s partner up. 

If you’re looking for a Mac computer/laptop rental with us as a business, you have two options for how you can submit your request. You can either fill out the Rental Agreement form & Credit Card Authorization form (which will require a deposit) or you send us a modified Certificate of Insurance (COI).
Mac Computer/ Laptop Rental for BusinessIf you choose to fill out the Credit Card Authorization form, you will want to send it along with your Rental Agreement to our email: Because we require a deposit for all of our rentals, once you submit the Credit Card Authorization form, you will see that charge on your credit card.
If you’d rather send us a modified Certificate of Insurance-which includes Mac Enthusiasts under your list of insured- you have that option as well. This can be done by calling your insurance broker, asking them to add Mac Enthusiasts to your policy, and having them send us the new COI. You will have them send that COI to
If you’re in the business of post-production, you’ll also want to visit our Post Production Mac Computer Rental page to make sure you’re submitting the right documentation. If you’re not a part of a business and you want to rent a Mac for personal use, please visit our Personal Mac Computer Rental page.