How to Install Windows with Bootcamp Mac

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As much as we all love and appreciate what Mac computers have to offer us (fast processing speeds, beautiful retina display, slim design, etc), sometimes we want, miss, and need to use Microsoft Windows. Say no more! Thankfully, you can easily run Windows using Bootcamp Mac and we’ll show you how.

If you’re thinking of using Bootcamp to run Windows on your Mac, the easiest way to set it up is to have Mac Enthusiasts do it for you. Our experts will install your Windows and show you how to use it. If you’re feeling confident, you can also set it up on your own. If you’re looking for instructions on how to do that, you’ve come to the right place!

To begin, here’s what you’ll need: an Intel-based Mac computer, a Microsoft Windows install disc or disk image (ISO), a 16GB or larger flash drive (that you can erase), and at least 30 GB of free disk space on your startup drive.
With your Microsoft Windows install disk in your Mac, or flash drive containing your Windows disk image (ISO) plugged into your computer, you’ll want to open Bootcamp Assistant. The easiest way to open this program is to find it using spotlight. Search “Bootcamp” and the assistant should pop right up.

Opening Bootcamp Assistant
Upon opening Bootcamp Assistant, follow the guide on the screen. You will be directed to a screen where you choose what you want Bootcamp Assistant to assist you with. If you are using the install disk, you can uncheck “Create Windows 7 or later version install disk” and just leave selected “Install Windows 7 or later version.” If you are using a flash drive, leave both options selected.

Installing Windows with Bootcamp Mac

If you are using a flash drive, you will then be prompted to choose the drive you are creating an install disk from. You will choose the flash drive you have plugged in (it should be titled Bootcamp). It is important that the flash drive you use has nothing else important on it, as it will be completely cleared during installation.

Installing Windows with Bootcamp Mac 2

You’ll soon get to the “Create a Partition for Windows” screen. The initial partition will automatically grant 20GB of space to Microsoft windows. You can keep it here, or, if you are planning to save a lot of items while using Windows and intend to use it often, you may want to allot more space on your drive. You can click the dot between the two operating system bars and drag Windows partition to give it more space.

Installing Windows with Bootcamp Mac 3

After this point, your computer will restart and Windows’ install will begin. Once you’ve accepted the licensed terms, you will have two options for installing. You will want to choose “Custom: Install Windows Only.”

From here, you will be guided to a screen in which you will choose the drive from which you will install windows. If you are using the disk drive, make sure you choose your Bootcamp drive from before and not any other drive on your computer. This drive WILL be wiped clean. After selecting the drive, click “format.”
At this point, Windows will finally be ready to install. During this time, you can take a break, for it may take a short while. Also, your computer may restart a few times during this process.

Installing Windows with Bootcamp Mac 4

Follow the Windows prompt to set up and customize Windows. Once Windows installs and opens on your computer, you may need to take one extra step to finish the complete installation, especially if you have downloaded Windows from a disk image. If your computer isn’t working smoothly for any reason with Windows (lack of sound, glitchy hardware functioning, etc), you may need to download extra drives. To do this, go into “My Computer” on windows and select the “Bootcamp” drive from earlier. Select “Bootcamp” from here and then “Set Up” under this drive. This should prompt the final drives to install and complete your Windows installation. ***NOTE: This step will be absolutely necessary with the Windows 10 because it is so new.***

Installing Windows with Bootcamp Mac 5

We know this is a lot of steps. Don’t get overwhelmed if you have more difficulty than expected. You can always bring your Mac to Mac Enthusiasts and we’ll install Windows for you. If you have any other questions, you can also contact us.

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