Become a Mac Pro with these 14 Mac Hacks

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Mac hardware and software are known for having more complex ways of providing services for its users. Many of us find these tools relatively easy to find and learn to use Although many of us do not think twice about them, in addition to most of the tools you do know, there are quite a few other Mac “Hacks” (or tools) that you could be taking advantage of. Make your life easier with these:

  1.  Create Online Signature: Many Mac users do not know that they can set a real signature in the program “Preview.” To begin, open “Preview” and go to Preferences> Signatures. Sign a piece of white paper neatly, and take a picture of it using the program’s camera. From there you can save a written signature to sign all of your online documents with.
    Mac Hacks to Make You a MacBook Pro
  2. Emoji Keyboard: Emojis have become an integral part of creative way we talk to each other nowadays. If you have a Mac you can still use these emojis while on the computer instead of just mobile. Anytime you wish to use your favorite emojis, just press “Control + Command + Space” to open the emoji keyboard. Note: if any emoji comes up as a square on your Mac, it will still show on mobile. This may be due to a delayed software upgrade on your Mac.
  3. Use Dictation: It’s “voice-to-text” for your computer. To start this, go to System Preferences> Dictation & Speech. Turn “Dictation” to “ON” and make sure that “Use Enhanced Dictation” is turned on as well. Any time you need to use dictation on your Mac, you can press the “Fn” (function) button twice quickly for it to begin.
  4. Use Special Characters: To put an accent on a letter or use any special characters, hold down the preferred/ root letter to have a special character menu pop up in your text.
  5. Record Your Screen: Using Quicktime, select the command “New Screen Recording.” After this action, make a selection of the part of the screen you need recorded (or the whole thing.)
    Mac Hacks to Make You a MacBook Pro
  6. Use Pop-Up Dictionary: If you want to quickly get more information referencing a word in your browser, select (or hover over) the word in question and do a three-finger tap on the trackpad.
  7. Start Mac Silently: This is one of the easier hacks. While starting up Mac with the original power button, simultaneously hold down your Mac’s mute button to keep the startup sound silent.
  8. Quick Delete: If you have so many files to delete at once, dragging them all to the “trash” can be a pain. Instead, when a file is selected, press “Command + Del” to send files automatically to the trash.
  9. “Purge”: If you have Mac OS 10.7 or higher, you can clear out some RAM space very quickly if you’re ever looking for a quick-fix to lack of memory. To do this, in your Terminal, type “Purge” to automatically free up 500 MB + of space. This should temporarily free up some memory for your ability to best use your favorite apps. If you’re curious to see what changes, you can keep open “Activity Monitor” (Apple Menu> Utilities> Activity Monitor. If you need to continue using “Purge” to free up space, you may need to consider upgrading your RAM.
    Mac Hacks to Make You a MacBook Pro
  10. Add Date to Menu Bar: Most Mac users automatically have the time in their Menu Bar. What most don’t know is that you can add the day of the week and/or calendar month & day in the same spot just by going to “Date & Time” under “System Preferences.” From there, you can check (and uncheck) the options to add “Show the day of the week” and “Show the day.”
  11. Get More Exact Volume & Brightness: Have you ever wished that your volume or brightness was a little louder/brighter (or quieter/softer) than the next option up or down? Now you can select even more specific levels of brightness and audio by holding down “Shift + Option” while increasing or decreasing brightness or volume on your Mac keyboard.
  12. Use PC “Delete” Function on Mac: Many PC to Mac users notice the change in function of the “delete” button on the keyboard. On PC, the “delete” button typically deletes from left-to-right. If you’d like to use that function again on Mac, it’s easy. Simply press the “Fn” (function) button to move the direction of the “Delete” from left-to-right.
    Mac Hacks to Make You a MacBook Pro
  13. Spotlight Calculator: When “searching” for something using Spotlight enter in any equation to have your math “question” solved. That one was easy.
  14. Get Exact Screenshots: While you may know some ways to select a screenshot on your Mac, there are three options available to get the perfect screenshot for any occasion. First, use “Shift + Command + 4” to pull up a crop tool to get a precise screenshot. Use “Shift + Command + 4 + Spacebar” to select a specific window you have open to take a screenshot. For a simple, complete screenshot, use: “Command + Shift + 3.”

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