10 Funny Things Siri Does

There are many practical uses for the Speech Interpretation & Recognition Intelligence, dubbed “Siri.” Besides answering many of your everyday questions more aptly than most search engines with practical answers and tools for you to use, Siri also has a lot of fun answers to your less practical questions.  Like we did last week with Mac easter eggs, here is a list of a few “other” things Siri does:

  1. Recites Original Poetry: Yes, she can recite any poem you could ask for, but ask her to read you a haiku, and Siri gives you an original. It may sting a little, so be ready for a characteristic, Siri burn.
    Siri Easter Eggs
  2.  Sings: Go ahead, ask Siri: “What does a fox say?”
  3. Puts You Down: You wouldn’t think artificial intelligence had any reason to be rude, but the people working at Apple decided to add some crude humor to your phone’s personality. For example, ask Siri, “What is 0 divided by 0?” and be ready for a real life lesson on why you are lonely.
  4. Turns You Down: Despite her sass, Siri can be quite charming. If for some reason you become too attached to Siri, she won’t engage. Tell Siri you love her and she has a myriad of responses that are all essentially rejection.
  5. Predicts the future: Maybe she’s not right, but ask Siri when the world ends and she gives you her best answer. Sometimes she also divulges her sentimental side and offers an account of her hopes and dreams.
  6. Has a “Favorite Team”: Siri’s sports “flavor of the day” is typically a team not doing so well in any league. Ask Siri what her favorite team is, and be given stats of some pretty terrible teams at the time.Siri Easter Eggs 2
  7. Understands Love: Sometimes when you ask Siri about a boyfriend or love, she gives you her lengthy “two-cents” on dating. It’s a little bitter, but is well-learned and astute as far as artificial intelligence goes.
  8. Makes Jokes: We could dedicate an entire blog posting of Siri’s many hilarious responses, but our favorite is Siri’s answer to a request for her to play fart sounds….
  9. Promotes Apple/Mac: If you ask Siri what the best computer/phone is, you’re going to get pretty much the answer you expected. She reliably answers that Mac/ Apple is the best.
  10. Knows the Meaning of Life: It may not be the answer you want or expect, but we wouldn’t doubt that she knows what she’s talking about- not to her “face” anyway….

We hope you enjoy all of the “Easter Eggs” we love from Siri as much as we do. Although we at Mac Enthusiasts don’t repair your iPhone, we can take a look at your Mac computer! Stop by, call (800)448-1892, or contact us here if you need a little help from your friends at Mac Enthusiasts.

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