10 Exciting, New Features in OS X 10.11 El Capitan

By October 24, 2015New

Hey there, Mac computer users. If you’re up-to-date on Apple products like we are, then you’re probably familiar with the newest OS from Yosemite, El Capitan. If you’re one who takes their time in getting new updates, we at Mac Enthusiasts have gone through and compiled our favorite new features offered in this release for your review. Check it out!

  1. “Find your cursor”: This one might seem simple, but in the thick of it, this tool can be pretty handy. If at any time you can’t find your cursor, just swipe two fingers on the trackpad quickly and the cursor will enlarge enough for you to locate it. Quick and easy, the problem is solved.
  2. AirPlay only videos: Now projecting a video doesn’t have to interrupt your other activities on your computer. Instead of showing your entire browser in AirPlay, you can select to only project the video on a specific device. To enable this option, you’ll want to select AirPlay on the YouTube video and select the device you want to play it on. There, now you can watch and continue to do other things on your computer while it plays.
  3. Split-screen view: This feature makes the best use of full-screen mode by allowing you to split between two fully enlarged apps. This is a great feature for those who are used to working with two screens but might be limited to one during traveling. Hold down the green button on any window for long enough and your screen will split, allowing you to drag the window into the spot desired.
  4. Track flights: Now from Notes, Messages, or Maps, you can track specific flight information like path and arrival times. Just as it now works for dates, when you type in your flight number, El Capitan will recognize it and it will turn into an orange link. From there, you can click the link and it will pop up with all of your specific flight information.
  5. Create checklist in Notes: Many of us use Notes for quick reminders and list-making. Now, El Capitan includes a feature to add checkboxes to your lists in Notes, allowing you not only use Notes as a reminder, but also as an organization tool. Other additions to Notes include the ability to import Maps, photos, and text-formatting.
  6. Get transit directions in Apple Maps: Although on your iPhone, you may be using a different app for this, you can now plan ahead and look through transit directions using Apple Maps. This is unfortunately not yet available in Los Angeles yet, but is for more bustling cities in public trans like San Francisco, New York, and Baltimore.
  7. Mute individual tabs in Safari: Gone are the days where you have to search everything looking for the source of an annoying ad. Now, you also don’t have to mute everything once you find it. Simply tap on a tab of Safari for the option to mute it individually.
  8. Multiple tabs in Mail: If you’ve got a lot going on in Mail usually, it may delight you to find out that you can now have multiple messages you’re composing open at once. In full-screen mode, you can open up new messages with “Command + N.”
  9. Spotlight adds natural language search: Now you can search for things as easily as you can with Siri on iOS. Now you can ask Spotlight for things in a more colloquial way like, “Messages from Mom” or “photos taken last week” to make searching easier.
  10. Swipe to delete Mail: This is the age of junk mail and the added frustration of slowly deleting it all is enough to make your head spin. Thankfully, in El Capitan, Mail has an added feature of “swipe to delete.” With a two-finger swipe over an item, you will be shown a red “delete” option on the side, much like you do in iOS.

If you’ve yet to upgrade to El Capitan, bring your computer into Mac Enthusiasts and we’ll do it for you for only $49. If you decide to do the upgrade yourself, as always, make sure to back up your computer so there’s no risk of losing your precious information during the transition. If you have any questions for us about this update or anything else we offer, feel free to call us at (800)448-1892 or contact us online here.

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